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Amino Acids

Amino Acids

Amino Acids stimulate the crop growth and have been said to improve the immunity to non-biological stress. Strengthening of these crops immunity while the crop is growing helps against various stresses, and serves to provide a perfect growing environment

What is Biotic Stress?
Stress from human activity, disease, density of pests, competition.

What is Abiotic Stress?
Cold weather, high temperatures, lack of moisture, hail, lack of nutrients, physical, such as toxins.

Configuration of Amino Acid and Effects

Mechanism of Amino Acids

When spraying Amino Acids / peptide directly to the plant, nutrients can be supplied directly which improves the utilisation of crops

Amino Acids Chelating

If the trace elements and the Amino Acids is the presence in the kill rating form, it can be absorbed into the faster crop than the single agent of trace elements.

How to choose a good Amino Acids composition

Free Amino Acids expressing different effects, low molecular contains evenly polymeric peptide Amino Acids

Specific gravity and viscosity of high viscosity is sufficient Amino Acids (amino acid-containing high content)

Amino Acids with no sedimentation and which easily dissolved in in water