2. Bio-Stimulant
  3. Sugar Alcohol

Sugar Alcohol


OH means two or more alcohols. It includes xylitol which has the natural bactericidal effect of mannitol found in seaweed extract, sorbitol etc. When using EDTA there is a limited movement for the trace elements. To improve mobility a complex of trac Sugar Alcohol e elements using alcohol (Sugar Alcohol or Polyol) is recommended.

Sugar Alcohol used as a Bio-stimulant

Sugar Alcohol used as a Bio-stimulant enables rapidly absorbs into the crops as it is recognized as part of the plant tissue. Not only the sieve tube, but also the tracheal tube which enables multidirectional absorption.

This stimulates the activity of plant tissue or cells, to help the absorption and effects of nutrients.

3.Configuration of Phloem

3.Configuration of Phloem
Configuration of Sieve Tube Polyol Amino Acids Nonorganic Solute pH
Content 10~30% 1~4% 0.1~0.5% 250~1,200mol 7.3~8.0

The main benefits of sugar alcohols

Move direct nutrients to phloem, xylem and a growing point

Penetration and diffusion

Ultra-fine grained particles for absorption with the movement of the trace elements
      (high speed absorption possible)

When Mixing with fertilisers, maximizing the effect